Street Outlaws' James Goad, AKA Reaper, Unveils New '69 Camaro

December 19, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

James Goad, AKA Reaper, has unveiled his new Street Outlaws Camaro; and it's mean, with 4,000hp under the hood. 

On the heels of a wildly successful season of Street Outlaws, Discovery Channel's semi-scripted look inside the world of street racing, James Goad–AKA, Reaper–used the 2017 PRI show to unleash his newest ride on the racing world.

The 1969 Camaro, comically named, “Deez Nuts,” is a hilarious and flagrant attention grab/ taunt to fellow Street Outlaw competitors. And, with 4,000 horsepower on tap, Goad certainly had the means to add insult to injury. “I built the car to really piss everyone off, and it’s doing a great job of that,” he said.

Under the hood of the Camaro is a 632ci Brodix block–based, big-block Chevy. Coupled with a ProCharger F3X-143, and an innovative mechanical/electronic induction system, it produces 4,000hp.
Walking the thin line of the rule book, the car has a steel roof, steel quarter panels, and an original ’69 dash–but that’s where the Camaro ends and a purpose-built carbon fiber racing machine begins. Under the hood is a massive, 632ci big-block Chevy based on a 5in bore–space Brodix aluminum block with an 11.625in deck height. In each cylinder are giant, 4.740in forged JE pistons designed for the rigors of 4,000hp.

“JE pistons has been a sponsor of mine for a long time and we actually designed a piston together,” said Goad. “They’ve been one of my longest sponsors and stand behind me whether I’m doing good on the list or bad on the list. Without them, a lot of this would be almost impossible to do.”

Goad's plan for the car is to race in the Street Outlaws TV series as well as at many big-time, big-tire and radial-style events.
Unlike many engines of this size, most of the displacement is in the bore, and the crankshaft only swings 4.5in of stroke– small for a 632ci. Because of this, Goad plans to really spin the engine up in the revs.  “We’re going to twist this thing to about 8,000-8,200rpm,” he said.

A nitrous racer at heart, Goad is taking a different approach with the Camaro, employing a F3X-143 ProCharger to add 50psi of boosted motivation to the car’s big-block heart.

The artwork on the car is vibrant, aggressive and hilarious at the same time, with Deez Nuts subtly embedded in the graphics.

Feeding fuel to the engine is an innovative, hybrid Mechanical/electronic fuel injection system controlled by a Holley Dominator ECU. Travis Quillen, the mastermind behind the unique approach to fueling, will be on-hand to tune the car for the show and at the various series where Goad plans to race it. “We’re going to run this car in radial vs the world, Sweet 16 (on drag radials), big tire, no prep, and I’m going to put it on the show [Street Outlaws],” he said.

The induction system is the clever work of noted tuner, Travis Quillen, and utilizes a Holley Dominator ECU to control a mechanical injection system. It offers simple, big fuel flow with minimal electronics necessary.

While Goad revealed a lot about the car’s power plant during the unveiling at PRI, in typical street-racer secrecy, he left plenty of details, such as the one-off ATI transmission, on the hush. The hardware list of Goad’s latest build is certainly impressive, but only time will tell how the car performs on street/track.

Inside, the car is all business with a pro-stock style cage and only the bare essentials. The dash is the last, remaining bit of genuine '69 Camaro.


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Written by Evan Perkins

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