Tech Tips: Installing a New Piston in your Dirt Bike with Precision Concepts Racing

April 3, 2019 / by Kevin Bailey

JE Pistons is proud to partner with Precision Concepts Racing for the 2019 season. When it was time for a new piston in one of their 2019 KX450s, we stopped by their shop to go over some tips with their Lead Mechanic, Phil Valdez.

The Chaparral Motorsports / Precision Concepts / Kawasaki Racing Team is a professional off-road race team managed by Robby Bell and the crew at Precision Concepts. Competing in WORCS and other West Coast off-road events, the team boasts an impressive lineup, including riders Zach Bell, Blayne Thompson, Clay Hengeveld, and Robby Bell himself.

The team's equipment is made up of a fleet of impressive 2019 KX450s built and tuned to endure off-road racing. In the lengthy and otherwise 'non-ideal' conditions of off-road, it's important to have equipment that not only performs, but remains reliable. When it comes to the engine, Precision Concepts chooses to run JE Pro Series pistons. The Pro Series piston design not only provides the performance they want, but the forged material gives the engine the reliability and longevity they need to make it through multiple rounds of long off-road races.


Read more about Pro Series pistons here, or find one for your bike HERE!

Recently, it was time for them put a fresh piston in one of the race bikes as part of preventative maintenance. We stopped by their shop and worked with lead mechanic, Phil Valdez, to go over some key tips you should know when replacing the piston in your 4-stroke machine. 

We cover tips related to disassembly, piston and cylinder prep, reassembly, and break-in. Check out the video and bookmark it for the next time you're going to freshen up your top end!


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