Top 25 Masters of Motors Finalists Announced!

February 14, 2019 / by Evan Perkins

The Top 25 Finalists for the first-ever Masters of Motors competition have been announced! See who's in the running! 

SEMA 2018 is in full swing and our talented team of Masters of Motors judges has been hard at work combing the show in search of the best engines of the event! Today at 3:00pm they released their top 25 finalist lists and tomorrow at 11:00am (PST) they will crown the class winners as well as the overall (Engine-uity) award winner. Check back here and on JE Pistons facebook to see who takes home the coveted, billet Engine-uity trophy. 

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Masters of Motors SEMA 2018 Top 25 Finalists

  1. Jim McLivaine LS7 Ford Clone
  2. Andy Leach Ardun Converted Flat Head
  3. Matt Corish V12 LS Cheetah
  4. Chuckles Garage Compound-Turbo Cummins
  5. Dave Davidson 440in Nitro Hemi
  6. Joe Schubeck 904in Quad Cam Custom
  7. Steph Papadakis Toyota 2AR
  8. Justin Martin Twin-Turbo 23º Big-Block Chevy
  9. Ricky Rogers Big Block Ford
  10. Dylan Croacher Twin-Turbo Big Chief-Head Chevy
  11. Wes Adkins Twin-Supercharged Y-Block Ford
  12. Twin Turbo Mercedes Optima
  13. Tony Arme Ferrari-Swapped Mustang
  14. Phil Wheeler De-Stroked LS Engine
  15. David Mazzei 4-Rotor Mazda
  16. Robert Freeman Berlin Buick
  17. Dana Elrod 392in Hemi
  18. James Bassett Twin-Turbo Sock
  19. Peter Newell Twin-Turbo, Carb’d SBC
  20. Bisi Honda K20C
  21. Daniel Lutz Ford Small-Block
  22. Megan Meyers A Fuel Engine
  23. Ron Howe Twin, Front-Mount Volkswagen
  24. Jerry Jahnsen Procharged Proline 481X
  25. Tom Nelson Twin-Turbocharged Chevy

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Written by Evan Perkins

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