New Pro Seal Head Gaskets for Ford Coyote, Voodoo, and EcoBoost Applications

November 15, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

JE Pistons has expanded their Pro Seal, MLS head gasket lineup to include popular Ford engines such as the Coyote, EcoBoost, and Voodoo platforms. 

Available for 2015+ Ford Coyote (5.0L) and Voodoo GT350 (5.2L) engines, JE’s Pro Seal MLS head gaskets feature three, stainless-steel layers embossed in a proprietary, multi-step process and tempered to maintain shape and tension under extreme heat and pressure. The gasket layers are coated individually for exceptional sealing.

New Applications

2015+ Coyote 5.0L and Voodoo 5.2L Engines

2015+ EcoBoost 2.3L Engines

2010+ EcoBoost 2.0L Engines


OEM manufacturers have long-since recognized the durability advantages of MLS gaskets and the racing and street performance world has followed suit. Pro Seal Gaskets are the next step in the evolution of combustion sealing and offer tremendous potential for high-horsepower racing and street applications alike. Their proprietary coatings prevent oil and water leakage, and their multiple layers expand and seal even when the cylinder head lifts slightly from the deck surface. 

As boost and cylinder pressure go up, the right head gasket is the only way to ensure your engine combination survives to race another day. 


  • Proprietary embossing process
  • Heat treated
  • Consistent fire ring placement on all bore sizes


  • Unique, multi-step embossing,
  • Tempered stainless steellayers
  • Proprietary coatingprocesses
  • Excellent sealing characteristics


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Written by Evan Perkins

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