New LT1 and LT4 Small-block Chevy Asymmetrical Pistons

August 7, 2017 / by Bradley Iger

JE Pistons has announced a new asymmetrical piston for the Gen V engines. These come in standard and overbore configurations plus in low and high compression.

While General Motors’ LT1 and LT4 V8s are stout performers right out of the box, racers know that a tenth of a second can mean the difference between a podium and a pat on the back. To that end, JE Pistons has announced a new asymmetrical piston for the Gen V engines.

Offered with 10:1 and 12.3:1 compression as well as standard, +.005, and +.010 over bore sizes, the skirts on these new pistons are designed to reduce both friction and weight while being able to stand up to the rigors of a performance application. 

The Gen V LT1 Asymmetrical FSR (Forged Side Relief) pistons boast a number of cool design features as well. Accumulator grooves provide additional volume where residual combustion gases that have "blown by" the top ring, which helps to reduce pressure between the top and second ring, thereby improving top ring seal and minimizing ring flutter. Double pin oilers are on hand too, delivering twice the amount of oil to the wrist pin as compared to the standard single pin oiler, which ensures that proper lubrication is delivered to the piston pins. These new slugs also feature an offset wrist pin, and are machined for 1.2mm, 1.5mm, and 3.0mm rings.

Available as a shelf stock catalog item or in custom spec for specific LT1 and LT4 applications, the Gen V LT1 Asymmetrical FSR piston offers a light-weight and robust design that balances performance with durability. Looking to unlock more of your LT motor’s potential? Find out more about these new pistons here.

  • Standard, +.005, +.010 bore options
  • 10:1 and 12:3:1 compression ratios
  • Asymetrical skirt design
  • Forged side relief 
  • Accumulator grooves
  • Double pin oilers
  • Offset wrist pin
  • Pin #927-2250-15-51C (106g) For use with 6.125” Rod Length
  • Round Wire Locks # 927-073-MW
The skirt design of these new pistons emphasizes reduced friction and low weight without sacrificing durability by maintaining a larger skirt on the major thrust side while reducing friction with a smaller skirt on the minor thrust side.
The accumulator grooves of the Asymmetrical FSR provide volume that helps to ease pressure between the second and top ring, in turn improving the top ring seal. The forging design of these new asymmetrical pistons allows for the use of the most popular stroke and rod combinations while eliminating reluctor wheel clearance problems.
As the name implies, the double pin oilers of the Asymmetrical FSR can deliver twice the amount of oil that a standard single pin oil system.

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Written by Bradley Iger

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