JE Introduces Pistons for Air Cooled Porsche Applications

December 13, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

JE introduces new, pistons for vintage, air-cooled Porsche applications. With modern design features and advanced engineering, they leave stock pistons in the dust. 

With JE’s new line of air-cooled Porsche pistons, owners of vintage, German classics no longer have to wait for custom pistons to be machined. With tons of applications, bore sizes, compression heights, and compression ratios, JE's new air-cooled Porsche line runs the gamut from street and restoration to full-blown competition engines. 


    • Strong, forged 2618 alloy design
    • Improved pin oiling
    • Reduced friction and noise
    • Multiple compression ratios

The shelf-ready line of new, Porsche pistons are forged from extremely strong 2618 aluminum alloy and have a host of modern performance features. Standard, will be upgraded wrist pins, accumulator grooves, double-broach pin oilers, 3D under-crown milling, and JE’s patented Tuff Skirt coating. They bring a level of strength and reliability to the table that stock pistons simply cannot match.003-JE-Porsche-air-cooled-pistons.jpgFeatures:

  • Patented Tuff Skirt coating
  • Accumulator grooves
  • Double-broach oilers
  • Contact-reduction grooves
  • Full-round forging
  • 3D under-crown milling.

JE’s Porsche pistons provide a modernized, durable, and lightweight upgrade for a variety of classic air-cooled Porsche engines and are available in multitude of compression ratios and deck heights for the perfect engine combination. They leave stock pistons in the dust.

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Written by Evan Perkins

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