Honda K-Series Max Effort Naturally Aspirated Pistons

January 16, 2017 / by Mark Gearhart

Are you looking for a shelf piston that has all the features normally found in a custom? Check out our new JE high compression K20 and K24 pistons!

K-series engine builders have been asking for a high compression shelf piston that’s built with custom piston features. Thus, JE Pistons’ engineers designed a new K20 12.5:1 and K24 14.2:1 high compression piston. Both applications feature a FSR (Forged Side Relief) asymmetrical forging for the ultimate in weight savings, accumulator groove, and double broached pin oilers. The FSR forging allows for a narrower wrist pin, which further reduces the weight of the rotating assembly. Oversized valve reliefs allow for the use of oversized valves and more aggressive camshafts. 3D under crown milling comes standard for the lightest possible part without compromising durability.

For the ultimate in weight reduction, 3D undercrown milling comes standard.

  • K20 12.5:1 compression ratio
  • K24 14.2:1 compression ratio
  • FSR (Forged Side Relief) asymmetrical forging
  • Accumulator groove
  • Oversized valve reliefs
  • 3D under crown milling
  • Available bores: Standard, +.040, +.060, +080
  • Includes rings, pins, and locks
  • 100% manufactured in the USA from 2618 forged aluminum alloy

*JE Pro Seal head gaskets available - Part Number HN1024-033


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