Building an FA20 Short-Block With MotoIQ

October 28, 2016 / by Mark Gearhart

We stopped by the MotoIQ shop to film a build up of an FA20 for an FR-S Project!

Building the FR-S FA20 engine with Stay Crushing!

by Mike Kojima

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Our friend Robert Kochis doesn't seem like a typical MotoIQ reader. He is a cool guy, not a nerd. He vapes and has sleeve tats. He is into show cars, not racing. He is even insta famous as Stay Crushing.  

We stopped by the MotoIQ shop to film a build up of an FA20 for an FR-S Project!

His daily is a stanced out 350Z that is slammed to the ground with airbags. The poor Z has a ton of negative camber and a stretched wheel fitment to go along with the ground scraping ride height. His other car is a show FR-S with a Rocket Bunny type 2 aero kit. 

Robert also hangs around the MotoIQ office for some reason lending out some of his cool to us. However, this often precludes us from getting any work done so we told him if he wants to hang out for free, he would have to convert his show FR-S to a track car.

Actually, we think Robert's car is pretty cool and nicely done.  We are just giving him some help to make his car faster and more reliable at track days and will give him some help later when he starts competing in time attack events.

One of the things that was lacking on Robert's car was the engine department. While the car had a base Vortech supercharger kit with a V-3 H67B blower and a 9 psi tune, everything else in the engine compartment was stock.  However, after a few track days, the car was beginning to lose power so we had to take a look inside. Running the 12.5:1 compression FA20 on the track with 9 psi and pump gas is pretty much pushing it and Robert's engine was starting to push back.



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