Ask JE Piston's R&D Master Anything You Want To Know

October 12, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

Dave Fussner, Research and Development Manager at JE Pistons is taking tech questions. What do you want to know about Piston Tech? 

The talented folks of Research and Development departments often don't receive the credit they deserve. They are the unsung heros, the offensive lineman, and the caped crusaders of the performance manufacturing world. When checkered flags wave and trophies are hoisted skyward, few think of the thousands of hours of testing, analyzing and revising of componts that went into that victory. 

Dave Fussner, Research and Development Manager at JE Pistons is our reigning piston guru and has more hours behind a dyno stick than could be counted.
For that reason, we're thrilled and very proud of our in-house R&D guru, Dave Fussner, for receiving some extensive ink on Engine Labs Magazine. In the segment, readers–that means you, too– will be able to submit real world questions (emailed to and Dave will answer them with his wealth of technical experience.  Submissions will close on October 18, 2017 and all of Dave's answers will be posted on

A Little About Dave:

“I have always been in Research & Development. I was hired by Tom Kipp, Sr. to do the engine development, tuning and maintenance of the 5-valve Yamaha racing engines that powered our bikes,” said Fussner. “In the hands of rider Tom Kipp, Jr. these were among the fastest and most reliable privateer engines, and successfully competed with the best factory-supported bikes. In the fall of 1991, Tom Jr. won round 1 of the prestigious World Superbike race at Mosport Park, Canada. I was promoted to R&D manager that same year and I have held that position since.

I led the development of the first variable shape and ovality profiles for forged 2 stroke and four stroke pistons, and authored a piston profile and ovality development manual shortly thereafter.”

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Dave has been selected to present “Race Winning Piston Technology” at the 2017 Advanced Engineering Technology Conference in Indianapolis. He’s also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and a Charter Life Member of the American Motorcyclists Association. Way to go, Dave! 

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Written by Evan Perkins

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